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Love to Live Well

Love to Live Well is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and health coach private practice and wellness consulting business that uses evidence-based methods and best practices to improve overall health and well-being.


To simplify the changes it takes to eat better, move more, and stress less.



To plant the seeds of sustainable health behavior that through nurturing with tools, support, and training will bloom into proactive daily habits to reap a harvest of lifelong health improvements and vitality.

Offers Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Health Coach in private practice for individual counseling with offices in Denton and Flower Mound, Texas

Teaches ways to improve health using simplified methods for behavior change.

Offers wellness programs at employers around DFW area and beyond including lunch 'n learns, workshops, biometric screenings, 1-to-1 health coaching

Guides individual clients with tailored programs for weight loss, disease prevention/management, & healthy lifestyle


That's how much lower our prices are, as opposed to other clinics


Success rate for our patients with excessive weight issues


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How We Give Back Locally

  • 4 scholarships a year are given to people who qualify to become clients who could not otherwise afford the services
  • Sliding scale fee (see Pricing List Love to Live Well Services for more information)
  • Offer free nutrition screenings twice a year in the community at Texas Woman’s University and University of North Texas
  • Provide experience to health professions students through internships and volunteer experiences.

You have to enjoy the health choices you make to keep doing them. Learn how to avoid some of the all-or-none thinking that holds you back and find the joy in better balance.

Dr. Anna Love


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult…in fact, it shouldn’t be. I design a specialized plan for you considering what your day is like that makes it easy to follow and will change the way you eat forever. My program consists of education, modeling, guidance, and emotional support. Breaking bad habits can be challenging. We will replace “red light” habits with “green light” habits that are unlimited to you.

Even if your current eating habits are nutritionally sound, I will show you ways you can further maximize the benefits of healthy eating. I will also show you new and exciting ways to prepare your food. I show you how to go shopping and make the right decisions. I am supportive, not judgmental. I can guide you on the road to better health. You will feel better, look better, and have a strong immune system. To experience the joy of a healthy lifestyle, give me a call today!

Small but Impactful Changes
(The Low-Hanging Fruit)

Love to Live Well helps you simplify the changes it takes to eat better, move more, and stress less to leverage more success. We do not live in a vacuum, so we must consider your environment and other factors that support you or hold you back. When you are ready to make health behavior change, we give you the tools to gain traction on your goals. We guide you to identify the low-hanging fruit (those behaviors that result in the biggest outcomes) for better wellness, particularly physical, emotional, social, wellness for longer-lasting results of true lifestyle change. We build a success and motivation snowball that gains momentum as you move from one wellness goal to the next.

You’ve got to Love to Live Well

Don’t force yourself to do things because you think that you have to or you should. Enjoying the changes you make is at the core of successful behavior change. You have to enjoy what you are doing to keep doing it. We work together to help you find enjoyment in activities you might have forgotten or find new activities that give you a health benefit while you enjoy them. Any time we remove something that perhaps you’ve indulged in a little too much, we always replace it with a pleasant alternative. This prevents deprivation driven eating and excessive focus on what you “cannot have”. Rather we focus on what you can have.


Our philosophy is “teach a person to fish”. My goal is not for you to be dependent on me, but rather to be self-sufficient in maintaining the health behaviors that I teach you. Know that I am always here for you if you need minor course corrections down the road, but my goal is for you to be able to maintain your wellness goals for many years after your last appointment with me. I provide informational support through a newsletter to maintain a level of accountability to keep you focused on continuing with the behaviors you learn. My job is building knowledge, giving you the tools and boosting your self-confidence in being able to do the behavior changes regardless of what life throws your way.