Giving Back Locally

Love to Live Well’s founder is a social entrepreneur who believes in the investment of your local community. Built into the core of the Love to Live Well business model, is giving back locally. Service on local health coalitions  and championing health communication campaigns to advocate for Denton County to be healthier are just a few of the ways we give back at the local level. Anna Love and her husband George Ebertin serve on these community coalitions to broaden the impact of Love to Live Well throughout Denton County:

Senior ladies

  • Age Well Live Well (AWLW)
    • This coalition aims to assist residents of the City of Denton and beyond age well regardless of what age they are today.
  • Denton County Healthy Communities Coalition (DCHCC)
    • This coalition has 4 main focus areas:
      • Healthy Eating
      • Active Living
      • Tobacco Cessation
      • Geriatric Services
    • Love to Live Well’s primary role on this coalition has been coordinating the Healthy Eating work group and developing and updating the Denton County Heart-Healthy Dining Guide
    • Anna has coordinated  the Denton Heart Healthy Dining Guide and Locally Grown Produce Guide distributed by the Denton County Healthy Communities
  • Wellness Alliance for Total Children’s Health (WATCH)
    • This coalition has the support of Cook Children’s Hospital in improving the health of children throughout Denton County, particularly in the areas of mental health and emotional wellness
    • Love to Live Well’s stress less part of it’s mission matches WATCH well. Outreach to parents and guardians throughout Denton County to increase awareness about ways we can improve mental health access and emotional wellness

These are community outreach projects in Denton, Texas with which we are involved. Please take a moment to to see if any of them interest you.

Other Community Outreach

  • Health fairs at employers, churches, community centers
  • Health screenings (body composition analysis, nutrition screenings)
  • Free information in blogs, newsletters, and on this very website can get you started on a better path to wellness.
  • Functional Fitness Test & Nutrition Screening. This event is free to community members and provides all attendees with concrete steps they can use to improve their health.






Past Service

  • Women for Wellness
  • Immaculate Conception Church
  • Power of a Healthy Woman
  • Annual event to increase awareness of women’s health

Across the lifespan, learning how to take care of yourself can actually be fun and allow you to be better at what you do!